In times of change and challenge,

Human Capital Improvement (HCI) is more important than ever. We're here to help.

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Why Choose LMS360?

We have targeted research and analysis based on Human Capital improvement by focusing on Delivery Mechanism, Enhanced Learning, and Goals Tracking!

Human Capital Improvement

At IMG, we are leading a comprehensive 360 view approach towards HCI under our brand

Delivery Mechanism

LMS360 is focused on using technology & process automation to incorporate latest and most effective delivery mechanisms such as online, interactive, and on-demand tools.

Enhanced Learning

LMS360 is focused on incorporating robust feedback loops & reporting to enhance learning opportunities.

Goals Tracking

LMS360 is focused on setting and tracking Goals based on individual and program needs.

Why Education Transformation?

Societies are focused on impacting future generations through education. HCI is the top most priority for any society. However, course development, delivery platform, and on-demand availability has lagged behind latest development in the Society. We allow you to change and transform your education to meet current trends and demands.

Do you know the Gap?

We allow your education delivery to extend beyond your intranet into student technology and let you play part in mobile learning and benefit you with the use of other IT enablers from other industries.

Successful Transformation Roadmap

An approach like a comprehensive roadmap is required to successfully transform education. We have the proven roadmap to successfully transform with measured results.


Everything you need.

All in one place,


Custom Reports & Dashboards

We build custom KPI dashboards, and create and share robust reporting platform on virtually any data point within the system - even track micro interactions with contents!

Personalized Learner Portals

When your learners log into the system, we show them a personalized learner dashboard with their courses, checklists, registered events, badges and certifications earned – everything is customized!

Instructor Portals

When your instructors log into the system, we show them a personalized instructor dashboard with their courses, schedules, events - even a forecast!

Administrator Dashboard

We show a comprehensive management system for users, courses, categories, and system - even detailed logs!

Host Courses + Subscriptions

Host courses on subscription model on our servers.

Custom Server

We can configure a custom server platform based on your specific requirements.

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